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    2017-2018 Registration Form

    2017-2018 Registration 


    • Please carefully read the 2017/2018 Registration Information sheet (click here) and select the appropriate group in the Athlete Groups section of the registration.
    • You will be creating a log in as you go through the registration process. You do not need to create a log in and then sign your swimmer(s) up. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be sent an email to create your log in. If you listed two email addresses, you will need to create the log in for both (Please note...even though you have your own login, you will still see all of your family information).
    •  It is helpful to have email addresses for both parents if you have them. With this new program, when you sign up for an event or volunteer job, with one click of a button, we can send emails to only those people who signed up for that job. Quick...efficient...informed!
    • For the primary phone number beside each parent's email address, please use your cell phone number.
    • For the primary phone number under your home address, please use your home phone number.
    • Please have your child(ren)'s Alberta Health Care Number ready for entry on the form.
    • Please read our volunteer program requirements by clicking here.
    • Please read our Swimmer/Parent Code of Conduct (as per Swim Alberta) by clicking here.
    Parent/Guardian Information

    At least one parent/guardian registration is required.
    New accounts will be sent an email confirmation message with instructions to setup a password.

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    Home Address

    Alberta Health Care

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    Volunteer Opt Out

    Volunteer opt out fees are $400.00/swimmer (dated Dec 31/2017, March31/2018, and June 25/2018 if applicable). Or $600.00/family(dated Dec 31/2017, March31/2018, and June 25/2018 if applicable), plus $100.00 for the swim meet volunteer portion dated Feb 15/2018.

    Volunteer Requirements

    If your child is swimming Sept-Apr, please provide 2 post dated bond cheques dated for December 31, 2017 and March 31, 2018. If your child is swimming Sept-June, please provide 3 post dated cheques dated for December 31,2017, March 31, 2018, and June 25, 2018. Please make bond cheques payable to the Olds Rapids Swim Club for $400.00/swimmer or $600.00/family. The club also requires a $100.00 cheque from each family for the Swim Meet volunteer commitment dated February 15, 2018. These cheques must be given to the Treasurer or Registrar during the registration week or your child will not be allowed to swim.

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    Olds Rapids Swim Club members and their families agree to hold the Club, it's Executive, and the coaches harmless and free from liability in event that a club member is injured or suffers serious harm as the result of a club related activity, including practices and swim meets. The sole exception being in the event of gross negligence of the Club, it's Executive, or coaches.

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    Swimmer/Parent Code of Conduct

    This policy is inclusive of all levels of swimmers and their parents. Swimmers/parents should adhere at all times to standards of appropriate behavior that reflect well on the Olds Rapids Swim Club in particular, and competitive swimming in general. The Swim Alberta Code of conduct is available on the website at all times and will also be emailed to you in your registration package (please review with each swimmer/parent).

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    I consent to the release of my swimmer's name, results, photos and video which may be published in the media, on the team website, Facebook, and/or on our Club bulletin board.

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