Final stretch for 2018 - meets & events for December

    Dear Parents

    WOW! What a busy & successful season we have had. Times have dropped, DQ's have been minimized, team spirit is up & yes, the parents are a little bit tired. Hold on daddies. We are almost done.

    December has 4 weeks of wet fast fun.

    We start with Breaststroke & Butterfly focus December 3rd - 7th.

    Remember that yoga is @ 5 -5:30pm every Tuesday & Thursday for the remainder of club. Bring your own yoga mat or get one out of our club equipment shed before the class starts.

    Due to low numbers we will not be attending the Cochrane Distance Meet December 8 & 9 but we will focus on time testing the events listed for this meet during practice or at a special event Coach Leah is setting up for us....

    December 10 - 14 we focus on Freestyle & Backstroke.

    Club pictures will be taken December 12th by LifeTouch Photo. Please be early to ensure we can get the whole team done. Ordering of the photos will be the same system as in School, only these pics are way cooler & make way better Xmas presents.

    We were originally scheduled to attend the UCSC Holiday Classic meet December 15 & 16 but the time standard requirement is a Provincial time. But like Michael Jackson said; "Let's beat it ! Beat it ! No one can be defeated" (Giving my age away here..)

     As an alternative I have attached the Cascade Age Group Challenge meet package. I will ensure that all entries for the UCSC Holiday Classic is entered into this meet. Same city - different pool - no time standard. Our treasurer will ensure that you payments for the UCSC meet is credited to the Cascade meet.

    We finish off our session with IM focus for December 17 - 20.

    Last day for club is tentatively December 20th. We will have a family fun swim & hand out awards during our pot luck.

    Then we wish you a festive & calm holiday season until we start up again January 7th, 2019. Same time, same place with a lot of new ideas for the new year.

    Please contact me or a board member if you have any questions.

    Best of the best

    Coach C

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