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    Nutrition workshops with Rick Kohut

    January 17th - pre & post practice nutrition - 6 pm - $10 pp

    January 24th - nutrition at swim meets - 6 pm - $10 pp

    Hosted by Rick Kohut from Health Street at the Olds Aquatic center

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    Mini meet @ 5:30 pm

    Olds Rapids is hosting a mini meet with Sundre swim club tomorrow at 5:30 pm. EEEEExxxxcited !!!

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    Happy New Year

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    12th day of Christmas

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    My first race 25m Free results

    Congratulations to our My First Race swimmers for swimming their first 25m Freestyle. Carter Nesbitt ranked 17th over all for the 7 year age group. Jeremy Lutz ranked 21st, Kenadie Weiss ranked 25th, Jack Gelleny ranked 59th and Liam Robblee ranked 65th for the 8 year old age group. Wyatt…

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    Ongoing Registration

    Registration with the Olds Rapids is ongoing throughout the year depending on your swimmers abilities and the group they will be in.  Please contact Candace Brown,, for more information.

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    NCSA Fall Invitational meet CANCELLED

    The NCSA Fall Invitational meet - November 4&5, 2017 has been cancelled due to pool closure. Refunds will be issued to families as soon as possible.

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    Stretching exercises


    Before & after practice & competition

    • 1.Straight leg swing front to back. Touch your toe in forwardswing
    • 2.Straight leg swing from left to right in front of yourbody.
    • 3.Hiprotations.Bendkneewithflexedfootmovesup,out,down,up,inanddown,infrontofthebody.
    • 4.Lunge left and right moving whole body forward from one side to theother.
    • 5.With legs…
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    Recovery and Nutrition program



    Swimming is a simple, yet very complex sport. In simple terms, competitive swimming is how fast can you go up and down the pool for a given distance and stroke. However, as we know, competitive swimming it is not that simple. There are several physiological and psychological…

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    Swim AB time standards for 2017-2018

    If Technical or Performance swimmers want to achieve their goals of competing at Provincials or Championships, please ensure that you are familiar with the time standards for their age and event.

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    Swimtopia Phone App

    SwimTopia Mobile: For When You're on the Go

    Our free mobile swim team app (available on the App Store andGoogle Play Store) puts all your family’s SwimTopia information in your pocket. Any time you need to check on a team commitment, that information will be at your fingertips…

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    Bingo Information

    General Information:

    • Each family is required to work 2 Bingo shifts if swimming Sept-Apr (1 in the Sept-Dec time frame and 1 in the Jan-Apr time frame), if swimming the whole season the family must work another bingo in the Apr-Jun time frame. Please only sign up for 1 shift…
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    5 most Common mistakes done by swimmers:

    1.Avoiding hard work.

    Again we saw some swimmers are searching for miracle supplements, some miracle workouts and products. It is funny to watch them because only hard work pays you good results and for shortcuts sometimes they select the wrong way that is “Doping”, So “BE CAREFUL”. We can…

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    5 Ways to Be an Awesome Teammate This Season

    Although each swimmer on a team or in a group has a different role, specialty or set of goals, there is one universal responsibility every swimmer has: to be an awesome teammate.

    Being a fantastic teammate goes beyond counting laps, or cheering, or being all “rah-rah” in the middle of …

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    Six Secrets of Successful Swimmers

    Small habits that make a big difference

    By adopting a few simple habits, you’ll find it easy to get the gains and improvements that will help achieve your goals.

    1. Carry Your Kit

    Always have a swimsuit, goggles, and towel with you. You may not want to leave wet gear…

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    Pace Clock 101

    A related question would be: Why are swimmers so obsessed with time? You'll find out, my friend, in due time.

    So, what is your time for a 100? Answer that question, and you are halfway to speaking Swimmerese.

    The clock is a true frenemy—a friend and an enemy. It never…

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    Safety 101

    Safety always comes first, and swimming's first rule is never to swim alone. Because you will always be swimming with other people, offer them the type of respect you wish to receive. Swim friendly. Also, always follow the directions of lifeguards and pool staff, as they can see and anticipate…

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    Swimming Lingo 101

    Following are some terms you may hear from your children or other parents in the stands at swim meets.

    Most terms are standard, though some apply mostly to older swimmers.

    “On the bottom, we're going to descend 5 x 200 at 3:00, even split, 3:1 with full gear.”

    25: the…

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