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    Good luck video for our Provincial qualifiers from 2xOlympian Martha McCabe

    Dear Provincial qualifiers

    Congratulations !!!

    Here is a special video for you from 2x Olympian Martha McCabe: you should be able to download the videos from Vimeo) 

    *password to all 3: oldsrapids 

    Good luck to the provincial swimmers:

    Coach C
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    Friday June 15th - LC Swim-a-thon

    Hi parents

    Just a reminder that this Friday June 15th we will have a LC Swim-a-thon during club time. 

    Same procedure;

    1. Half hour group - lane 3

    2. Hour group - lane 1&2

    3. Hour and a half group - lane 1&2

    We will again welcome parents that can…

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    Relay challenge June 11th & Monopoly challenge June 13th

    Dear parents 

    Our June month is short and chock and block full of super cool and fun things. Here is a quick summary;

    1. Due to the fantastic weather dry land will be outside on the cement block from 5:15 - 5:30 pm. Please bring runners, shorts and a t-shirt…

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    Head-to-head Olympic training camp - Calgary - July 28th

    Dear Parents

    Cheye-anne and myself attended the Head-to-Head Breaststroke camp in Calgary YMCA in April 2018 and fully enjoyed not only the technical help, but also the warm personalities of the coaches and not to mention how cool it is to actually hold an Olympic medal ! Head-to-head is hosting…

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    Red Deer Freeze or Fry meet tenting arrangement

    Dear Parents

    Please see the attached memo in regards to the personal tent usage at this years’ Freeze or Fry Swim Meet. We have a very full meet this year (over 350 swimmers), and we would like to accommodate all those swimmers/families that wish to bring a personal tent to…

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    Challenges - Mindset

    Dear parents & swimmers

    Challenges and changes will come up every day and every moment. How you frame the challenge or the change will determine how you get through it. That frame is ‘success’ and you can apply it anywhere to anything at any time.

    Reading the book Mindset by…

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    Medicine Hat AMAC swim meet May 12-13, 2018

    Dear parents

    This weekend (April 27-29) we will be racing at the Chinook meet in Calgary. 

    Please take time to look at the events that your swimmer is doing really good in or maybe an event they haven't tried before and believe they can do this weekend. 

    I want to…

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    Chinook Meet - April 27-29, 2018 - Information package

    Dear parents

    Please find attached the session report as well as some information from our hosting pool facility: Repsol.

    The Session report shows you when your swimmer will (approximately) swim their event. Please ensure swimmers are at the pool for the start of warm-up. We want to ensure the team…

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    Nutrition workshops with Rick Kohut

    January 17th - pre & post practice nutrition - 6 pm - $10 pp

    January 24th - nutrition at swim meets - 6 pm - $10 pp

    Hosted by Rick Kohut from Health Street at the Olds Aquatic center

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    Mini meet @ 5:30 pm

    Olds Rapids is hosting a mini meet with Sundre swim club tomorrow at 5:30 pm. EEEEExxxxcited !!!

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