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  • Question 1: I don't see options for 3 sessions anymore. Does this mean I can't sign up for only part of the year?
    • Answer: The board decided to provide the 2 most popular options for participation- September to April and September to June. However, we still support the flexible registration important to kids and families that want to be involved in other activities. Late registration involves post-dated cheques starting with the month your swimmer intends to start. If your swimmer intends to leave early, please give the board 30 days notice of the end date and payment will stop on that ending month (see Handbook for full details).
  • Question 2: Which group should I enroll my swimmer in (pre-competitive,developmental, technical, or performance).
    • Answer: The registration info package provides guidance on which group best aligns to a swimmer at a certain development stage. Swimming Canada provides guidance on how much and how intense as swimmer should train based on their age and maturity to best support Long Term Athlete Development (details found here). Olds Rapids groups are aligning to these guidelines. Burn out is a real thing in this sport and Olds Rapids is committed to not only supporting near term goals but also building a lifelong passion and involvement in the sport.
    • The groups are also fluid- as your swimmer progresses, the coach will discuss promotion into the next group.
    • New swimmers will be evaluated by coaches to make sure each swimmer is getting a training experience that is appropriate.
  • Question 3: Are there try-outs, is there a spot for all kids that register?
    • Answer: At the moment, there is no wait list and, as long as your swimmer can comfortably swim a length of the pool and is 5+, she/he can join. However, it helps the club plan if you sign-up early. This allows the board to make sure that there is enough lane space for each group and Coaches can start preparing plans for the group they are coaching.
  • Question 4: When do I have to hand in my cheques?
    • Board members will be taking cheques for fees and volunteer bonds during the first 2 weeks of swimming. At this time we will also be collecting the Swim AB privacy forms.
  • Question 5: Why is the amount on my online registration form different than what a board member is telling me I owe?
    • Currently our online website provider has some limitations in the registration form they provide. At this time we are not able to add the Swim AB fees, adjust for the 5% discount for full payment, add amounts from past seasons, or adjust for credits. When the treasurer recieves notification of a new registration she will add or subtract these amounts from the total owing which can then be invoiced by PayPal (if paying full amount and requested), or payed by cheques (full amount, installments or monthly).
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